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Incarcerated Youth

Teams of trained Faithful Friend volunteers routinely go into state and county juvenile prison facilities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Before the small group or one-on-one mentoring time, Les and Pepper and other talented performers and artists entertain the students with illusions, music, athletic demonstrations, and motorcycles in an effort to establish a foundation upon which relationships can be built.


U.S. Veterans

The Faithful Friend K9 Program places canines with incarcerated youth for the purpose of teaching life skills while also teaching participants how to socialize and train canines that will be given to combat veterans as service dogs.

Trained service dogs are recognized to help ease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms among veterans suffering from that condition. Service dogs may even be trained to alert veterans to pending seizures, diabetic imbalance, and assistance to sight and hearing impairment.

Our K9 Program has been a great success through the support of County officials, a local veterinarian, world-class dog trainers, our local Veterans Administration, area humane shelters, and generous community and corporate sponsors.

WE Teach


In our presentations to public schools, we are often asked to emphasize several points of interest around students’ wellbeing and healthy development such as saying ‘no’ to drugs, dropping bad habits, and controlling your anger.

We Inspire

Faith & Healing

We are nondenominational and our theology is “Basic Relationship with Jesus 101.”  We stick more to the first four books of the New Testament rather than the meatier books of Ezekiel or Revelation.

Our platform speakers and teammates emphasize the benefit of a daily study of the Bible, regular prayer, and participation with local churches.

The youth we visit need compassion and encouragement; therefore we point them to scriptures that help them to productively base their lives.

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