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Come see Pepper’s big debut on the silver-screen in “The Chosen”

by Faithful Friend

On September 22, 2021

Our very own multitalented Pepper appeared in The Chosen, available via

The Chosen is an exploration of the life of Jesus Christ from the perspectives of those who interacted with him.

“Hello. I’m Les Castro, and this is my dog, Pepper.

And we’re here to encourage you to watch The Chosen. Over a hundred million people worldwide have already seen it. And I’m hoping that a billion more will do so also.

Not just because Pepper’s in the first season, but because episode after episode – and I’m sure all the ones yet to be produced – bring forward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When he walked among us, Jesus was real. He loved us. He cared for us. And he taught us. He really understood us.

He inspires us today because he’s alive.

Be inspired. Watch the chosen.”

Faithful Friend Service Dog Christian Jesus Veteran The Chosen

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Les Castro
Faithful Friend Ministries
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Faithful Friend
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Service DogsCome see Pepper’s big debut on the silver-screen in “The Chosen”