Mission Statement

It is the mission of Faithful Friend Ministry to demonstrate unconditional love to young people in America.

Areas of Ministry

  • Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • Church Services
  • Summer Youth Camps
  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Learning Institutions

Our Goals

To go to as many opportunities for ministry as possible, to educate and encourage lay persons to become involved in juvenile assistance programs, and to raise financial support for juvenile programs.

Volunteers Needed

If you have a heart to reach troubled youth, please Contact Us for more information. If you're ready to jump in, just fill out the Long Application under Forms!

Past Servants in Faithful Friend Ministry

God has used His creation incredibly to minister to so many, and it was a privilege to watch His angels guide our dogs as they worked.  Although the first two are gone now, they will forever be in our hearts and will never be forgotten.


 Shiloh vom Fancherheim

2001 - 2010


Shiloh was our second ministry partner. 

Click here to see a slideshow of wonderful images of Shiloh presented by Cindy Gordon Photography.  These were taken just ten short days before Shiloh's passing.


Ayla vom Germelhaus

1991 - 2001


Ayla was our very first Faithful Friend.  She was originally purchased from Germelhaus Kennels to be a personal protection dog, and although she served that role amazingly well as a strong-willed alpha female, God had other plans for her.  She was a fierce protector and loyal companion for Les, and her primary focus was pleasing her master.  Wondering how the Lord wanted to use him in the kingdom, Les began to pray for direction.  The Lord impressed upon him to surrender and use ALL he had to the Lord.  Everything... even the dog.  Having been through Schutzhund training, Les knew she was very smart and extraordinarily obedient.  Not coincidentally, Les had been invited to participate in a weekend event ministering to incarcerated teenagers.  He saw a need, and a ministry was born. 

In the years that followed, Ayla traveled with Les to California, Illinois, Oklahoma and much of Texas to minister to at-risk and incarcerated youth under the umbrella of a Dallas-based organization.  During those wonderful years, Les was encouraged to file for tax-exempt non-profit status, and Faithful Friend Ministry was chartered.  Les, Ayla and by then, Jennifer, were leading teams into juvenile facilities around Texas and Oklahoma.  Ayla earned the respect of leadership within the Texas Youth Commission, the former juvenile corrections agency in Texas, and she paved the way for Shiloh and Pepper, her successors.  Because of the positive impact her relationship with Les had on these young people, the work of Faithful Friend grew.  She was a living, breathing picture of God's love for us, and her example was powerful.

Loyal until the very end, Ayla passed away at the foot of Les' bed on a prison ministry weekend at (now closed) Victory Field Correctional Academy in Vernon, Texas.   WIthin hours, the news of her passing reached through the entire Texas Juvenile Justice Department (formerly Texas Youth Commission), and letters and calls of condolence poured in from students and officers alike who had been touched by Ayla's life. The regal beauty she embodied was matched only by the fiercenss of her love.  We miss her every day.